What can we do for your school?


Promoting Health and Fitness

  • We want the children to have fun at our classes and to encourage a long lasting enjoyment of sports and physical activities.

Behavioural Management

  • We understand as coaches the importance of control in a class, our lead coaches are experienced sports coaches and know the importance of control in a class setting.


Adaptable to your schools needs

  • We tailor our programme to ensure it’s a good fit for your school, we know all schools are different in terms of usable space, timings, class sizes etc… We will visit your school to discuss your needs before running sessions.


Specific sports knowledge

  • Our coaches are qualified to a minimum of a level 2 in a sport we offer and are in-house trained to ensure they have a clear understanding of all the sports we offer.


Life skills

  • We know sports are not just about being able to pass a ball correctly or winning a tag rugby competition. We are passionate about highlighting different life skills during our lessons like respect, compassion, discipline, honesty, and humbleness just to name a few. We hope the children take more away from our classes than just playing a bit of football.

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