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Holiday Camps

Pop-Up Sports Extra-Curricular...

One great opportunity to target and deliver intervention for both low attainment and/ or

gifted and talented.

We can provide opportunities to further enrich your current school provision through our extra-curricular programmes. Our extra-curricular clubs can take place before school, during lunch breaks or after school and can cater for Reception right through to KS2.

Our extra-curricular clubs enable children to have fun with friends in a stimulating and active environment where skills and tactics will be developed in a sport they love or in a new sport for the very first time. Potential to increase competition within school exists through Pop-Up helping create new school teams, leading to the possibility of arranging intra and inter school competitions as well as providing exit roots to local clubs. All of which can help you to meet Ofsted requirements for sports provision!

Before School Clubs...

These clubs will take place immediately before the start of your school day with the preceding objectives:

  • Improve attendance/ punctuality and focus

  • Physically and mentally prepare for the day

  • Promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyle

Lunchtime Clubs...

These clubs take place during lunchtimes and have the following objectives:

  • Promote positive behaviour and engagement

  • Improves key life skills

  • Provide a fun, safe and structured environment during otherwise non-structured time

After School Clubs...

Taking place after the school day these clubs focus on:

  • Development of skills and techniques

  • Understanding of rules, tactics and strategies

  • Competitive environment

  • Small sided game situations


Other Services Available:


Pop-Up Sports Curricular...

Our curricular enrichment blocks provide a great opportunity to increase the sporting opportunities and variety offered to your children as well as up-skilling your staff in their knowledge, understanding and delivery of a broader range of sports and physical activities.


Pop-Up Sports Extra-Curricular...

Offering an ever-expanding range of fun and engaging physical activities and sports, our clubs promote an active lifestyle and allow your children to develop many sports specific skills.


Pop-Up Sports Competitions...

At Pop-Up Sports we can provide your school with regular Intra and Inter-School competitions throughout the school year. Whether you’re looking for mass participation or a chance for gifted and talented to shine, we can facilitate your needs.


Pop-Up Sports Events...

We provide one-off sporting events where we will work collaboratively with your school to design and deliver your very own personalised event!

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Pop-Up Sports Holiday Camps...

With the growing need for good childcare outside of school term time and the need to maintain the daily 60-minute physical activity target, our Sporting Holiday camps provide the ideal solution for both your children and their parents.

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Pop-Up Sports Qualifications...

Partnering with a growing list of professional organisations, find out how we can deliver nationally recognised awards for your pupils.

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