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Multi-Sport Camps

A wide variety of sporting disciplines

Multi-Activity Camps

Sports, physical activities & swimming*

Sports-Specific Camps

Whole days of your favorite sport



At a Pop-Up Sports holiday club, your child will participate in a variety of sporting and fun activities. Our clubs are designed for girls and boys aged between 5-12yrs old.

Your child will have a fantastic time at one of our clubs and will be sure to make lots of new friends during their time with us. We provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment for them to ensure they have a great day with us.

Holiday Club Themes

Multi-Activity Clubs:

We do a wide variety of activities throughout our activity days from glow in the dark sports to playing football in our massive inflatable pitch. Your child will not get bored during one of these action-packed days. We will have plenty of other activities to like swimming, soft play, arts and craft to ensure all children have a fantastic time.  

Multi-Sport Clubs:

At our Multi-Sport clubs we focus entirely on a wide variety of sporting activities from individual sports such as Golf & Athletics to team sports such as Hockey and Football. Your child certainly won’t be bored on this sports mad day with all the variety of games and challenges.

Sports-Specific Clubs:

For our Sports-specific clubs, we focus on a single sport for the entire day. We will be looking at sports-specific skills in the morning sessions and finishing with competitions and tournaments in the afternoon. All our Sports-specific clubs will finish with a short awards ceremony to acknowledge some of the outstanding contributions to the day at camp.

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All the information you need about our holiday clubs, from what to bring on your first day, to how we’re adapting our programmes due to Covid-19...

Pop-Up Sports Ofsted registered Holiday Clubs provide a safe, fun, active and social place for your children to be during their school holidays. As I am sure you are aware, we have had to make a few adjustments to our Holiday Clubs in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here, we would like to take this moment to highlight those changes to you, along with all the key information that makes Pop-Up Sports your number one choice of Holiday Club provider:


All Pop-Up Sports bookings for Holiday Clubs are backed by our Pop-Up Sports promise. Should the camp subsequently be cancelled due to Government guidelines or enforced venue closure, we will issue a full refund

Securely Checking Your Children In & Out


The safety of your children is paramount and our commitment to safeguarding means that we need to ensure that we register your child on arrival and have a secure signing out process.


The process for drop off and collection will be:


  • A staff member will be present to register your child on drop off and on collection we will bring your child to you

  • Parents/ guardians will be asked to sign their child in and out of holiday camps

  • Children can sign themselves out, only if the parent registered their consent in the form of a signed and dated handwritten letter

Additional Operating Procedures for COVID-19

In response to the unique challenge of COVID-19, we have developed COVID-specific operating procedures, and these will be integrated into our standard operating procedures from here on.

Our guiding principle for all policies and procedures is that we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. COVID-specific procedures will be integrated into staff training, and our audit process to ensure they are adhered to.


Here are our 3 key principles:


Follow social distancing guidelines

  • Reduced child-numbers

  • 'Bubble' system

  • Child groups maintained throughout the day, with a consistent group leader(s)

  • Activities to be adapted to ensure distancing, including equipment use adaptions

  • Higher emphasis on being outdoor where possible

  • Staggered breaks and lunchtimes where facilities don’t allow multiple groups

  • Failure to follow camp rules or staff instructions surrounding Covid will result in phone calls home and collection from holiday camps for the safety of fellow holiday camp members, staff and the public.


Operate high levels of hygiene

  • Parents are encouraged to provide their children with personal hand-sanitiser

  • Staff expected to provide; and have with them at all times; personal hand-sanitiser

  • Staff and children to wash their hands, either with hand-sanitiser, or at wash-basins, each time they enter and exit the site

  • Stringent hand washing policy that includes before and after each activity session, breaks, lunchtimes and after toilet breaks

  • Staff responsible for regular hygiene reminders

  • Where direct contact occurs; for example, tending to First Aid; staff to wear protective gloves and wash hands afterward

  • Internal doors to be kept open where possible, especially for sports halls, toilets and changing rooms

  • Adapted and restricted activities that involve any contact

  • Daily cleaning of equipment by our staff and or venue staff

  • Regular cleaning of high-touch facilities by Pop-Up Sports and/or venue staff


Provide specific supervision

  • Staff to supervise hand-washing

  • Staff to enforce social distancing where possible at all times

  • Staff to be vigilant about signs of infection and follow government guidelines for responding to infection

  • High priority to enforce distancing and hygiene principles listed in 1&2


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